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Abler, will help you pause, reflect, and act mindfully, freeing you from anxiety-driven behaviours. Join us on this journey towards empowerment.

How can Abler Help?

Born from the understanding that everyone’s experience with panic attacks is unique, Abler is here to help you manage these challenges in a way that resonates with your needs. Our app offers compassionate features like symptom monitoring, trigger identification, personalised strategies, and educational resources on mental health topics. Abler is more than just an app; it’s a supportive companion for your mental well-being. Together, we’ll give you the tools to overcome panic attacks and live a more joyful, fulfilling life.

Symptom Tracking

By keeping track of your symptoms, Abler provides valuable insights into what triggers your panic attacks and how you can manage them more effectively.

Education and Information

Discover a smarter way to understand your panic attacks with our customised articles written by mental health professionals that will assist you in developing the best strategies to cope with them effectively.

Coping Tips

Elevate your mental wellness with Abler's innovative cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) techniques. Our evidence-based strategies are tailored to your lifestyle, helping you manage panic attack symptoms and achieve a balanced state of mind.


We genuinely care about your mental health journey. That's why we provide monthly reports that offer an easy-to-digest overview of your progress, ensuring you stay on track with your mental health goals and continue to thrive.

About Abler

At Abler, we aim to transform the way we tackle mental health. We‘ve created a personalised, science-backed app to help you manage panic attacks and thrive. Imagine a world where everyone can access the tools and resources needed for mental wellness and living their best lives. That‘s our vision. To make it a reality, we‘ve brought together a diverse team of doctors, psychologists, engineers, designers, and most importantly, YOU. Together, we‘ve crafted an app that‘s accurate, current, and rooted in cutting-edge scientific research. We‘re dedicated to listening, learning, and constantly evolving to support your journey toward improved mental health. With Abler by your side, you can count on a group of experts cheering you on, giving you the knowledge, tools, and support you need to conquer your mental health challenges and reach your goals.


United for Your Well-being!

Explore our Team to get acquainted with the passionate individuals behind Abler. Our diverse group of professionals - from mental health experts to tech wizards - are dedicated to creating an exceptional experience for you. Together, we strive to empower your mental health journey and champion your success!

Explore practical ways to handle panic attacks.

Abler can help you pause, reflect, and act mindfully, breaking free from anxiety-driven behaviours. Join us soon on this empowering journey!